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Electrifying the Future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

At LyoWave, we’re supercharging the pharmaceutical freeze-drying process using state-of-the-art high-frequency microwave heating technology.

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“Freeze-drying increases the shelf life of our most important life-saving medicines from hours or days to years.”
Drew Strongrich, LyoWave’s CEO
“LyoWave technology revolutionizes freeze-drying by ensuring faster, energy-efficient processes through uniform heating, precise product temperature control, and seamless scalability”
Drew Strongrich, LyoWave’s CEO

Our Solution

Though it can take days or weeks to properly freeze-dry pharmaceutical products, the process can make many drugs stable enough to be stored and transported without deep-chill freezers.


Accelerate your freeze-drying process while simultaneously improving drying rate and uniformity.


Compatible with bench top to production scale freeze-drying systems and everything in between.


Seamlessly transfer your freeze-drying process from the laboratory to pilot or commercial scales.